Our mission is to be the online shopping “Company of choice” for overseas customers

Our home-base is Florida, USA. Our first customers were in Russia and Eastern Europe, and we filled orders for audio equipment and musical instruments. We “spread the word” so overseas shoppers know they have access to the US market. In just three years, our customer base has expanded and so has the range of products we ship. Now, we ship a variety of consumer products—auto parts, cell phones, clothes, toys, sporting goods, and more! We operate facilities in most states.

Our staff possesses the skills, experience, and training in e-commerce to provide excellent customer service. Our staff and our Purchase Express are good at what we do, and it shows in a growing clientele.

We know overseas shoppers need help making their way through the maze of US stores and online auction houses. We know overseas shoppers want a way to make shipping more convenient, and less expensive. Listening and responding to our customers inspired us, and we developed a strong sense of purpose from meeting our customers’ needs. As our customer, your online “shopping trip” is easy, enjoyable, and fun.

Purchase Express is confident we offer the solutions overseas shoppers are looking for.

  • We operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • We guarantee turn-around within 24 hours
  • Our services are open to individual shoppers and organizations
  • Our customers receive a service—and a price—that meets their needs
  • Our prices recognize customer loyalty and we offer rewards for large orders.

As a customer of Purchase Express:

  • You save money
  • You have peace of mind
  • We answer your questions
  • We listen to your ideas.
  1. You save money

    Every ounce of weight costs money. We repack items to remove excess weight, and we bundle orders. We ship your items using the most efficient and cost-effective way to reduce shipping costs. What’s more, we know documentation frustrates overseas shoppers. We look after the paperwork for you.

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  2. You have peace of mind

    We treat your order as if it was our own. Your items will be handled carefully, and they will reach you in perfect condition. Once you place your order, we make sure the items received are what you want. We help you get the best price at auctions. We keep you informed. You will know where your purchases are, every step of the way.

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  3. We answer your questions

    If you need assistance with customs, product selection, or anything else, we have an answer. If you need us to ask a merchant or seller a question, we will do so, on your behalf, and get back to you as soon as we have a reply. We want you to get the most out of your online shopping trip. Check the FAQs, and if you still have questions, our staff will assist you.

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  4. We listen to you

    Listening to the feedback of our customers helped us shape the experience that you'll enjoy as a customer today. We want to know any problems you have as you shop. Let us know of any suggestions you believe will help make the process easier.

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Let our customers speak
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  • Angela Smith
    We moved from Boston to London because of a new job of my husband. Since we’ve become expats, I’ve become interested in classical mail forwarding service, but with more advanced features such as viewing your correspondence in a scanned form and ability to fully control my mail online. Purchase Express fits my requirements perfectly. Now I manage my mailbox in the US in the same way I manage my email.
  • Alex Wachovsky
    I like to buy designer clothes from US, because it’s much cheaper there and more variety. The broad selection of shipping agents gives me possibility to rent postal address in Montana, Delaware or Oregon and therefore pay no sales tax. In this way I save up to 7.5%. Completely satisfied with the service. The shipping rates are best on the market and I can combine several packages into one free of charge. This saves me a lot of money. I already recommended this company to my friends.