Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

We know privacy is important to each and every one. When you are shopping and placing orders overseas, you are concerned about giving out your information. We understand and share your concern.

1. Account Security

You access your secure web control panel using a password protected by VeriSign’s encryption key. We ask you not to share your password. We use the best software available, test our systems regularly, and address any issues immediately.

2.Secure Scanning

We will forward your mail, unopened, if you wish. We will also open and scan your mail, if you prefer. Either way, be assured your privacy and confidentiality is protected. We take great care to open and scan correspondence, and the location is monitored by video. Our procedures ensure your security.

3.Staff Clearance

We hire staff only after receiving a clear background check. Our qualified staff ensures we maintain our reputation as an industry-leader in security. We have confidence in the integrity of our personnel.

4.Document Shredding

We handle all items, whether junk mail or important items, with care. When you request that we destroy documents, every piece is shredded before it leaves our facility, after which it is recycled. Attempting to recover any details would be a herculean task given our method of disposal. We offer our assurance your privacy is protected.

5.Storage & Tracking

Every item you receive at our facility is coded. We track your documents and packages as they move through our facility; we always know where to find everything. While in storage, your items are secure and protected.