Purchase Express takes pride in being a full-service mail management company. Our goal is to make it easy for overseas shoppers to enjoy the products, quality and prices available from American stores.

The Internet makes it easy for customers around the world see what’s available, but can they buy what they see We are based in Florida, offer dozens of addresses throughout the United States and we aim to make it easy for you to shop from your location – as easy as if you were here!

We understand the frustrations overseas shoppers encounter when they try to shop in any US marketplace. We help you select payment methods, and we look after shipping & handling, meaning you can focus on your shopping.

Purchase Express offers these services. You may select those that best meet your needs. If you need help, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Are you interested Then read further to learn in more detail about fantastic core and added value services we offer!

Working together, here’s what you can do, and what we do for you:

  • You access our system through a secure, user-friendly interface.
  • We make ordering easy. When you sign up with us, you get a ‘virtual address.’ You place your orders from this address.
  • You manage your orders online through your online account.
  • You pay when you know the item is available. Or we pay for you.
  • You receive one week of free storage for your purchases.
  • We process your orders within 24 hours.
  • We help you select the best way to ship from the store to our location.
  • We repackage to meet your needs. If you need serveral orders bundled together, or packages sent to different addresses, let us know. We will follow your instructions.
  • We look after shipping, customs policies, and any other regulations.
  • We take care of bills of sale and other documents as needed.
  • We guarantee you receive your purchase.

We collect packages and mail in the US and forward

Many merchants based in the USA do not ship overseas. Others may charge high fees for shipping & handling, and they never offer additional services to help you pay less for shipping and optimize your customs costs. Then issues arise with customs, and your purchases are delayed.

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Handling of your transactions and payment assistance

Shop online from any American store, and we take care of the rest. An American credit card is used for all transactions. You authorize us to make the payment, and we make it on your behalf. We complete the purchase within 24 hours. Our ‘hassle-free” service is available at a surcharge of 10% of the cost of the transaction.

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Personal Shopper Service

Before you make any purchase, you want to be sure the item meets your needs. Though there are photos and details of items online, you may need more information than you can find easily. We understand you may not want to contact the store directly in English.

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Online Management System

Your online account will allow you to monitor and control the whole online shopping, mail management and mail forwarding process. When your purchases are received at our facility, we check each item against your order. The packages get a number and we take a photo with the original packaging.

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Bulk Mail Consolidation

We use the most efficient and cost-effective method to ship. If you want to save on shipping costs, you may want to wait until all your purchases have come in to our facility. We will pack them to make efficient use of space. If, to meet specific size requirement, it is less expensive to ship several smaller bundles than one large one

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Mail Scanning

It comes in handy when you have to wait for an important document to be forwarded to you. Items like forms, applications, legal documents, orders, etc. Mail scanning allows you to be able to view it digitally, so it’s more convenient to see the package contents

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Virtual Warehouse

It's never easy doing business outside of the United States when dealing with shipping of goods. Purchase Express is perfect for companies that want business with USA consumers because they can establish a presence and build trust with an US-based address.

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Returns & Exchanges

Damaged items can be returned to the merchant for a refund or exchange. The damage may be apparent when the item is received at our facility. If so, we can handle the return or exchange for you. We will let you know the store’s policies on refunds & exchanges, and follow your instructions.

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